About Our Resort

Treasure Island Eco Resort Tonga is an eco-resort. We promote harmony to maintain a peaceful environment. Our accommodation is powered by solar energy. We utilize solar power, being available in our main building to charge up electronic equipment. We collected rain water, which we filter and store in tanks for our use. We are very proud to utilize our highly efficient traditional 37ft outrigger “Tofua’a Moana” (Ocean Whale). Taken from the Polynesian design, this outrigger has been built on Eueiki Island by the owner, Mark Belvedere. The Tofua’a Moana is an environmentally friendly vessel, moving quickly, smoothly and quietly to provide you with the most comfortable boat transportation and with a quite approach to the whales during season. The resort is connected with the outside world by VHF radio, mobile telephone and wireless internet. We provide and serve local organic foods and we recycle where possible.

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Our History & Our Goals

We acquired Eueiki from the Tongan government in 2006 and we are the first and only human inhabitants of the island, making Treasure Island Eco Resort Tonga the perfect destination for those seeking peace and serenity.

When you stay at our resort you will have the opportunity to learn about the highlights of the untold story of the greatest seafaring migration in human history. Please see our educational and cultural experience

Other plans include showcasing the King of Tonga’s 108-foot double-hull sailing canoe, the Kalia, along with the addition of an educational library and museum. Soon, visitors to Treasure Island Eco Resort Tonga will be able to experience smaller sailing outriggers while whale watching, fishing, or seafood gathering.