Island Resort Activities

Whale Swim, Watching & Listening Tour

Start with the advantage of already being on Treasure Island Resort located in the heart of the whale nursery to take our tour on our traditional 37ft outrigger “Tofua’a Moana” or our 31Ft. tunnel haul vessel “Moana Loloto”. The humpback whales come each year from July through October. For more details click here.

Hiking and Exploring

Our 48-acre island has two beautiful hiking trails to explore. The trail to the upper plateau rewards its hikers with spectacular views of the entire Vava’u island group. You can also walk and circumnavigate the Island at low tide. Another interesting hike is on our neighboring island of Euakafa, where the tomb of a Samoan princess and her lover await your arrival. For more details, click here.

Water Activities

The resort is surrounded by many nearby islands that make ideal destinations for kayaking, sailing and uninhabited island exploring. For more details, click here.

Walk and Circumnavigate the Island

At low tide you can walk and circumnavigate the entire island (proper shoe attire is recommended) to enjoy our coral garden, marine life, amazing caves, cliffs and rock formations that have been formed through time by the tides. For more details, click here.

Flora and Fauna

Tonga is located on the Pacific Ocean’s infamous “ring of fire” and prevailing currents bring an abundance of volcanic nutrients to the islands to nourish our rich soft and hard coral beds. Our lush tropical forest provides the ideal setting to discover nature’s non-marine beauty from a South Pacific perspective. For more details, click here.

Historical Adventure in Paradise Snorkel Tour

Venture off by boat on a guided tour to our neighboring island of ‘Euakafa where an interesting hike to the tomb of a Samoan princess and her lover awaits you. Learn some of the historical tales and legends of Tongas’ interesting cultural past and present. For more details, click here.

Seasonal Activities

For more details about the seasonal activities we offer click here.